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Disorders in one of cities in the west of France

Disorders have flashed again in one of the French cities. In the historical centre located in the west of the country Ren tens raged young men destroyed windowpanes and burnt down garbage tanks. Besides, four cars have been burnt, transfers AR.
the police has applied tear gas To suppression of disorders in which course have got wounds two guards, and vodomety. As a result law enforcement bodies have detained 31 persons - the most active participants of disorders.
as an occasion to excesses Ren on carrying out the interdiction of administration has served in a city of a night disco. According to local authorities, organizers of action have not provided due level of safety.
we will remind that several weeks ago all France has been captured by street disorders. Every night mainly Muslim youth left on streets of cities, smashed shops and offices, set fire to cars.
disorders Proceeding about three weeks in France have begun on October, 28th 2005. In the poorest quarters of northern suburbs of Paris occupied in basic natives of the North Africa. Then excitements were threw in the centre of the French capital.
later the violence has captured huge territory - from German border of the country to Atlantic and Mediterranean sea, from Strasbourg in the east to Nantes in the west, Toulouse, Marseilles and Nitstsy in the south. On November, 9th in the country state of emergency has been entered. On November, 20th its term has been prolonged for 3 months.
during suppression of disorders of wound have received more than 100 French policemen. For participation in illegal actions have been arrested about 3,2 thousand persons.