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Mass riots in Australia: Europeans beat Arabs

Disorders on ethnic soil have captured vicinities of the Australian Sydney. As representatives of local authorities have informed, the mass protest actions accompanied by acts of violence, have been directed mainly on natives of the countries of the Near East.
according to police, on December, 11th on one of city beaches have gathered about 5 thousand persons of the European origin. After the beginning of the demonstration which had brightly Antiarabian character, groups of young men have made some attacks on Near-Eastern immigrants.
as a result of collisions various wounds has received 31 persons. Among victims there were two employees of service of first aid who tried to hide in the car of several natives of the Near-Eastern countries. Besides, by thugs among whom were both representatives of local population, and descendants of immigrants, it has been damaged more than 40 cars.
the police has arrested 28 persons For participation in disorders. As informs AP, visitors of Sydney of a beach of Kronull located in vicinities on which there were these events, often complained that the Arabian youth from the poor quarters located nearby inspired fear in others having a rest. However as the catalyst of the interethnic conflict beating by natives of the Near-Eastern countries of two rescuers working on this beach has served.
friction on the interethnic soil, arising in the various countries, are in focus of attention of analysts after several weeks ago all France has been captured by the disorders representatives of Muslim youth were which basic participants mainly - they left every night on streets of cities, smashed shops and offices, set fire to cars. During suppression of these disorders of wound have received more than 100 French policemen. For participation in illegal actions have been arrested about 3,2 thousand The person.