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The Ministry of Internal Affairs searches the next Moscow bank

In Moscow again one of banks is searched. This time employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs make seizure of documents at office of Interbranch industrial bank.
as has informed a source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, seizure of documents at bank office to the address: the street Small Krasnoselsky, the house 2/ 8, a structure 4, has begun still yesternight.
according to a source, investigatory actions are made within the limits of investigation of criminal case concerning one of clients of bank.
we will remind that last week seizures of documents were made in capital bank Oil . It was originally informed that searches were conducted in connection with one of clients of bank and have not been connected directly with activity Oil . However later the State Office of Public Prosecutor has extended a press - release in which it was informed that the search actually was spent in frameworks rassledovanja affairs about washing up by the credit organisation of money.
In the document, in particular, it was said that as a result of a search in KB Oil in so-called black to bank cash desk books of the account of delivery of money, books of the account of a cash and values, fictitious rashodno - prihodnye warrants, working records, videorecording of access to cash desk, including by the latent videocameras from 2000 are withdrawn. Till now. Besides, in KB premises Oil the papers confirming, according to inspectors, use by bank of false documents of firms and their accounts for fulfilment of illegal bank operations and legalisation (washing up) of money resources are withdrawn.
in the bank a press - the release of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has caused misunderstanding. at present we possess the insufficient information to understand, on what bases the State Office of Public Prosecutor had been drew similar conclusions, - has declared in interview a press - the secretary of KB Anna Jartseva. As she said, the documents withdrawn from bank on December, 8th 2005. The similar information did not contain and could not open. when the State Office of Public Prosecutor leaves with us on dialogue, I hope, the situation will clear up - she has underlined.
also it is necessary to mention that a day before searches in bank Oil similar actions were spent at the central office of MDM - bank. Allegedly, investigatory actions concerned one of banks with which in the past worked as MDM. Its workers have suspected of participation in money-laundering.