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In the USA 17 - the summer teenager is sentenced to 90 years of prison

In the USA the teenager has received 90 years of prison for murder on racial soil. In Houston of jury of jurymen has taken out a verdict on the case of murder of the Latin American teenager because of racial hatred. The defendant, 17 - summer Kate Turner has received 90 years of imprisonment. On it informs () Reuters.
In its last month podelnik 18 - summer Devid So has been sentenced for life.
Murder has been made in April of this year during a house party. Young men within several hours beat the Latin American teenager, and then have set fire to its body. According to witnesses So thus cried out racist slogans. As an occasion to aggression that one of the girls invited to a party has complained that the Latin American has tried to kiss her has served.
the severity of the given sentence is indicative. In Russia the situation not so is unequivocal, besides that, according to 19 % of Russians, international relations in Russia for last year have worsened, and 4 % of the interrogated declare that deterioration very essential. It is most critical in this respect inhabitants of Moscow and St.-Petersburg are adjusted. September poll VTSIOM testifies to it.
But, despite public moods and that even more often there are messages on attacks and murders of persons of not slavic appearance, the authorities cannot be defined up to the end, what case to consider for kindling international break a set, and what - for hooliganism.
so, this year the city court of Petersburg recognised eight of defendants of the teenagers killing in February 2004. The Tadjik girl, guilty only in a hooligan attack. According to it criminals have received also terms of imprisonment from ones and a half to five and a half years.
such sentence has caused indignation even representatives of the authorities. The speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Sergey Mironov has noticed: Unfortunately, sometimes our law enforcement bodies on places leave calling things by their proper names: we have crimes on national soil . Abundantly clear that it not simply hooligan tricks, and acts of intimidation - the official has noted.
thus separate crimes on national soil are punished on all severity of the law. So, the Moscow city court in the autumn 2006. Has sentenced Alexander Koptseva to 16 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a high security colony. The court recognised as its guilty of the crimes provided by item 30, item 105 ( attempt at murder ) and item 282 ( ethnic animosity kindling ) the criminal code of Russian Federation. On January, 11th 2006. A.Koptsev has attacked with a knife parishioners of a synagogue on street Big Bronnaja. As a result of a wound attack nine persons have received.