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At the State Duma building are detained 20 natsbolov

At the State Duma building are detained 20 natsbolov which carried out the unapproved action on the occasion of the Constitution day of Russia. About it on the air Echo Moscow has declared a press - secretary Natsional - Bolshevist party (NBP) Alexander Averin.
as he said, this morning natsboly have blocked the central input in the State Duma of Russia and began to distribute to deputies of a leaflet with the requirement to observe the constitution .
All 40 persons took part in the action nearby, half from them has been detained by police officers, A.Averin has told. He also has told that natsboly cancellation of last changes introduced in the law on elections, cancellation 7 - a percentage barrier to passage of parties in the State Duma, and also inclusion " demanded; without any registration and control from the state In bulletins for voting on elections in the State Duma in 2007 of a coalition Other Russia .
Arrested persons natsboly are delivered in OVD Tver where concerning them reports on administrative offences will be made.
Limonov supporters - members NBP - regularly carry out similar actions. Latest of them - attempt to shower with eggs of the speaker of Council of Federation of the Russian Federation Sergey Mironov at its performance in Sankt - the Petersburg university, and also distribution of leaflets at award delivery Triumph in Moscow in November of this year
In January of this year the Federal registration service has refused registration of National Bolshevist party (NBP). The given decision has been taken out after consideration presented party on December, 15th 2005. Documents on registration of new party. As representative Rosregistratsii, the bases for refusal in registration " has informed; was much, and all of them are lawful . Among infringements he named that fact that in regional branches NBP persons consist is more younger 18 years. Besides, in documents there was no quorum on holding conferences.