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In Moscow militiamen have beaten a family and nearly the militiamen have not strangled the teenager

In Moscow, illegally trying to take away 20 - the summer young man in a military registration and enlistment office, have beaten his family and nearly have not strangled 13 - the summer brother. About it in radio station interview Echo Moscow the father " has informed; uklonista Nikolay Zuev.
As he said, the day before about eleven evenings in its apartment the local divisional, the lieutenant of militia Alexey Sergeev has called. From a threshold he has declared to parents that their son Andrey is searched by a military registration and enlistment office, and has demanded, that it has proceeded behind it.
on a state of health of the young man which testified to fast reception of documents on worthlessness to military service, the militiaman has not reacted To medical inquiries and explanations. And when has understood that the family so simply will not give the son, has caused help.
in some minutes in apartment the senior divisional, major Victor Lavrenjuk, and two unknown strong fighters in shape have appeared suddenly. As marks Echo Moscow one of them, long without talking, has flung away towards the father, another has snatched on mother. Having seen all it, 13 - the summer son of a family of Zuevyh has rushed on the offender, but has received a facer. The employee in shape was switched to the teenager and has begun to smother him. Then they force have taken away the elder son and have withdrawn it in a militia strong point.
already there, having made some calls to a military registration and enlistment office, employees of bodies of the law and order have found out that actually other person is necessary to them. As it has appeared, the divisional simply was mistaken the address and actually namesake Zueva was searched. After that the young man have released home, having advised to it to be independently in the morning in a military registration and enlistment office.
Meanwhile as a result of incident father Andrey had a hypertensive crisis that has been testified by the caused brigade of first aid. Besides, doctors of Filatovsky hospital have fixed suffocation traces on a neck and hematomas at the younger brother of the young man in this morning. Now parents of the young man intend to bring an action against militiamen. In militia on incident yet do not make comments.
this history demonstrates that the Russian militia instead of execution of the priority - protection of calmness of citizens - frequently is engaged absolutely opposite. It is indicative, as law enforcement officers self-denyingly executed the order from a military registration and enlistment office, as well as that the police squad which twice Nikolay Zuev caused by phone 02, on a scene and was not.
It would be desirable to notice also that round-ups of recruits recently have considerably become frequent. And militiamen not adresno as it confirm in military registration and enlistment offices, and in streets, in transitions of the underground and other similar places work. Under the pretext of usual check of documents postovye stop all young men falling outwardly under military age. And questions by which passport viewing is accompanied, are frequently set in the disrespectful form, probably, on purpose to humiliate the interlocutor.