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The police of Croatia has arrested 22 officials

Police of Croatia has arrested 22 persons, including three lawyers and seven officials of the state ground office of Zagreb, on charge in bribery, transfers Reuters.
As have informed on Wednesday in police, officials took to 5 thousand euro from the person for property registration.
other arrests have passed in municipal court and several legal offices.
fight against corruption in the state public utilities, and also in courts is a key question for advancement of negotiations about the introduction of Croatia into EU planned approximately in 2010.
in Russia the similar case of mass arrest of civil servants has occurred recently in Tver. During the period from November, 30th till December, 5th this year there has been brought charge in corruption against 13 deputies, including two women, the Tver municipal duma.
People`s choices have been condemned to imprisonment by terms from 2,5 till 7,5 years in colonies strict (for defendants of men) and the general (for defendants of women) a mode.