Rus News Journal

Kurdish demonstrators have arranged pogroms in Turkish cities

with Serious disorders Kurds have answered an interdiction of Party of a democratic society - last party in the country protecting interests of Kurdish minority. On jugo - the east of the country of hundred people left on manifestation of protest.
in the city of Silvan of hundred young men, having rolled up persons scarfs, have started to set fire in streets of a tyre cover and to stone policemen. In other settlements extremists fired at forces of law and order petards and bottles with an incendiary mix, preliminary having broken chambers of street supervision, Associated Press reports.
the police has returned the favour. In Silvane against demonstrators tear gas has been applied, and in some other cities of the rebelled Kurds dispersed vodometami.
the Party of a democratic society has been forbidden by the Constitutional court of Turkey. In a verdict it is said that its actions have been directed on blasting of unity of the country and bordered on terrorism. the political party has no right to pursue a policy, provoking terror. It should operate according to democratic values - it is told in the court decision.
simultaneously party leader Ahmed Turk and one more deputy Ajsel Tugluk have been removed from parliament of Turkey. It was forbidden to both to be taken by political activity within the next five years.