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In Samara from - for failures of thousand persons remained without heating

Today in Samara as a result of break of a pipe of a heat supply in Kirovsk a disctrict of the city without heating there were more than 12,5 thousand persons, including 3 thousand children, have informed in GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures on the Samara region
Incident has occurred at 04:55 local time (03:55 Moscow time). Among remained without heat - 44 many-storeyed houses third from which are connected on a reserve branch, school and a kindergarten. When failure will be eliminated, yet is not informed.
we will notice that the temperature in Samara makes now a minus of 12 degrees. To restore a heat supply promise in a near time.
according to all available information, territorial administration on a heat supply Samara of Open Society Volga TGK has definitively finished liquidation of break of the heating main which have left without a heat supply of 9 houses. As informs a press - service of the generating company referring to director TUTS Vladimir Vasilenko, repair work has been finished at 16:45 Moscow time. Now are filled with the heat-carrier earlier disconnected of - for damages sites teplomagistrali.
The day before in Kazan there was a similar failure. There without heating remains more than 60 houses. However within several hours malfunction has been liquidated.