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Gas explosion in an apartment house in the Nizhniy Novgorod region: 6 victims

In one of apartment houses of a city of Dzerzhinsk of the Nizhniy Novgorod region explosion today has thundered.
the message on explosion and a fire has arrived at 13:21 Moscow time on a communication channel 01 . State of emergency has occurred in the apartment located on last floor panel pjatietazhki in a lane Western city of Dzerzhinsk.
the firemen who have arrived to a scene and rescuers on ladder marches evacuated 18 persons. The fire has been liquidated at 13:56 Moscow time. The Fire area has made 40 sq. m. In fire liquidation 119 persons, from them 71 - staff GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across the Nizhniy Novgorod region have been involved.
in apartment where there was an ignition centre, bodies of 5 victims are found out: the men, three women and the girl approximately 10 years. Burns of 50 % and 70 % of a surface of a body were received by two men. In a condition of traumatic shock they are hospitalised.
according to TV channel to Conduct One of victims has died in hospital. Rescuers continue to assort blockages since there is an information that under concrete plates there can be one more person.
according to inhabitants of the house, in the lighted up apartment works on installation of tension ceilings were spent. The consequence assumes that there was an explosion of the gas bag used at work.