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Police: Explosion in Stockholm was carried out by the condemned man

the Swedish police has come to a conclusion that one of explosions in Stockholm was carried out by the suicide bomber, Associated Press reports.
According to indications of eyewitnesses, in explosion epicentre there was one man who became a unique victim. It is not excluded that it has undermined itself(himself).
Earlier there was an information that the message on explosions in Stockholm became well Swedish mass-media approximately 10 minutes prior to incident. The electronic letter with threats to the European country and its inhabitants has arrived on the address of news agency of a TT. In the appendix to the message there were two sound files in the Swedish and Arabian languages. Speech went to them in particular about caricatures on prophet Mohammed on which there was no reaction from the Swedish authorities.
the voice in record informed that actions will speak for themselves . While you do not finish war against Islam, humiliation of the prophet and your idiotic support of the artist Larsa Vilksa - it was made as demands.
in 2007. The Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda has published caricatures on prophet Mohammed of authorship L.Vilksa who is now under police protection. In its address threats, and " repeatedly arrived; Al - Kajeda has appointed compensation in 100 thousand dollars for punishment over the artist.
the day before in Stockholm as a result of two explosions one person was lost, two more have suffered. The first explosion has thundered in the car parked on one of the central streets. The second explosion has occurred in the same street.