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In Afghanistan Talibs have killed six military men of the NATO

In the south of Afghanistan on Saturday, on December, 11th, insurgents have attacked military men of the NATO, transfers Associated Press referring to representatives of command of the international forces. As a result of attack of Talibs six NATO peacemakers have been killed.
the Saturday attack of insurgents became biggest for last months. Incident details are kept a secret. The information on the killed is not disclosed also: their names, nationalities and other data.
at the same time, in the end of November of this year, one of heads of civil mission of the NATO in Afghanistan Mark Sedvill, acting on air of a broadcasting company of Bi - bi - Si has declared that in Afghanistan it became more safe, than in London, New York or Glasgow.
experts in turn about M.Sedvilla`s opinion have disagreed. Under their data in Afghanistan every fifth child does not live till five years.
the NATO desperately try to show situation improvement in Afghanistan, however daily attacks and explosions with destruction of civilians deny reports of representatives of the North Atlantic alliance. Besides, according to the official data in 2010. The quantity killed the peacemaker in Afghanistan already has reached 670 soldiers, whereas in 2009. 502 military men of the international forces have been killed.