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The six Muscovites who have beaten the citizen of Uzbekistan

Militia are detained has detained the six young men suspected of an attack on the citizen of Uzbekistan at metro station Tretjakovsky. Names of arrested persons are not informed, however it is known that all of them live on jugo - the capital east.
overnight the group of young men has cruelly beaten the visitor from Uzbekistan, thus attacking cried out slogans of nationalist character. On the given case six Muscovites - four men at the age from 24 till 28 years and two women - 18 and 19 years are detained. All of them live on jugo - the capital east.
according to law enforcement bodies, it is cruelly beaten 27 - the summer citizen of Uzbekistan. The victim has been hospitalised with cranial - a brain trauma and nose crisis.
the consequence establishes degree of fault of arrested persons. Upon beating criminal case is brought. While charges are shown nobody.
we Will remind, dispersing after the meeting spent the day before on a Manezhnaya Square, active workers suited disorders in the Moscow underground. Young men have beaten some persons at station Ohotnij rjad . Under stories of the eyewitnesses, holding a meeting young men dragged out from trains of persons of not slavic appearance. At the station plafonds on escalators, and also on transition to station " are broken; Theatrical . In some trains glasses are beaten out. Aggressively adjusted young men have attacked persons on duty on stations Theatrical when the last have tried to stop them.
on December, 11th in the afternoon on a Manezhnaya Square in Moscow unapproved meeting has taken place. Its participants have demanded to punish Egor Sviridov`s murderers - the fan Moscow Spartaka killed in the night from 5 for December, 6th in the Kronstadt parkway in Moscow. During any moment the action has outgrown in collisions with militia. The young men who were on the area threw employees of OMON petards and bottles. The militia has been compelled to apply force - 65 persons have been detained.
later the organisation of fans Spartaka has declared the non-participation in the organisation of disorders. The management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian football union in the statements has underlined that behind events on a Manezhnaya Square there are not fan groups, and the nationalist organisations which have used happened in interests.