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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company “ the Agroindustry “ Ajupov Rifat Gajazovich (an INN 344553236048, SNILS 118 - 788 - 970 - 26; 400120, Volgograd, and/ I น 1582; member NP “ TOSO “ - 690091, Vladivostok, street Aleutian, d. 45เ, OGRN 1022501305243, the INN 2536129722), informs that the open auctions from 27. 01. 2012 on realisation of property of Open Company “ the Agroindustry “ (OGRN 1042308534718, an INN 2314017513, a check point 231401001, 352500, Krasnodar territory, Labinsk, rubbed. Northern Industrial zone, the decision of Arbitration court of Krasnodar territory from 16. 06. 2010 on business นภ32 - 54743/ 2009 about introduction of procedure of competitive manufacture), on to a prize น 1 are recognised by not taken place as has not arrived any price offer.

on March, 16th, 2012 at 14 o`clock. 00 minutes (Moscow time) on an electronic trading platform “ the nuclear heating plant Savings Bank “ - https// www/ http:// property. sberbank - ast. ru, the repeated auctions (auction opened on structure of participants and under the form of giving of offers on the price) a prize น1 will take place: a complex of buildings (melzavod, a warehouse, weight), located on the ground areas, and the equipment in number of 90 pieces, to the address: Krasnodar territory, Labinsk, Northern Industrial zone, belonging on Open Company property right “ the Agroindustry “. The property is a pledge subject under the credit obligation to Open Society “ the Savings Bank of Russia “ Labinsk. The initial price of sale of a prize at the repeated auctions - 8 100 000 rbl. an auction Step - 5 % from the initial price of sale of a prize. For participation in the auctions it is necessary to be registered on a trading platform; with 06. 02. 2012 on 14. 03. 2012 to 16. 00 (Moscow time) the applicant is necessary for making an application on participation in auction and to pay the deposit at a rate of 5 % from the initial price of sale of a prize on r/ from Open Company “ The agroindustry “ น 40702810700030002485 in KB Open Society “ RusJUgbank “ Volgograd, BIK 041806791, to/ with 30101810700000000791. Demands and documents for registration of participation in the auctions, in the form of electronic documents under the list and the maintenance, established FZ “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) “ are represented by the applicant through the operator of an electronic platform. The contract on the deposit and the purchase and sale contract draught are placed in the form of electronic documents on the above-stated trading platform; the winner of auction the person who has offered the highest price admits; the decision on definition of the winner of the auctions is accepted in day of tendering; the contract of purchase and sale of property consists between the competitive managing director and the winner of auction within 5 working days after tendering; payment of the got property is made within 10 days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale. Acquaintance with documents on realised property and to receive the detailed information on the auctions it is possible on a site http:// property. sberbank - ast. ru. Inquiries by phone: 8(8442) 90 - 03 - 22.