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The Albanian insurgents have attacked a city in Macedonia

the Albanian extremists have transferred today the attacks from countryside on the second-large city of Tetovo in Macedonia.
According to preliminary data, it is wounded not less than 10 persons. Among them - 8 policemen. policemen have been fired, and they have opened reciprocal fire - the representative of the Ministry of Defence of Macedonia has declared Blagoja Markovsky.
Besides, according to the state radio of the country, in mountain Sar vicinities - Planina there is a real war . Some houses There burn.
in the conditions of sharply worsening conditions on the Balkans representatives of the European union and the North Atlantic alliance have held today in Bruxelles an urgent meeting. gravity of a situation demands the immediate answer, - the secretary general of the NATO George Robertson after negotiations by the chairman of committee on a policy and safety of the European union Anders Bernerom has declared to journalists. Robertson has underlined that the NATO will not suffer any attempts to break peace process .
In turn, the European union intends to increase number of the observers in a buffer zone with 10 to 30. How this measure will help to stop a slaughter-house untied by the Albanian insurgents, is not informed.