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Russia and the USA need the legal document on reduction of nuclear stocks

Russia and the USA, probably, will sign legally obliging document on reduction of the nuclear weapon. It was declared by the American Minister of Defence Donald Ramsfeld.
the president George Bush and president Vladimir Putin agree in that something developed and existed and after their term of presidency - the head of the Pentagon on a press - conferences has declared following the results of two-day negotiations with the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivanov. Answering an appeal of the Russian colleague about necessity of the legal document covering joint intentions, the American minister has declared that this sort of document is rather possible . Ramsfeld also has declared that the USA do not consider Russia as the potential purposes for the nuclear weapon.
Sergey Ivanov, in turn, has declared that is rather happy with the progress reached in a question of signing of the agreement, and has added that presidents could sign the similar document at the summit in May. we hope that there will be legally obliging document, universal and clear to the whole world - Sergey Ivanov has declared.
and US president George Bush has declared that its administration has published all directions the reconsidered nuclear policy of Washington. According to the American leader, this policy should protect the USA from any attacks, including attacks and from the non-nuclear countries, such as Iraq and Iran.
the nuclear arsenal should serve as restraint means - the US president at the first official conference in the White House for last five months has declared. We have laid out all directions of our policy on a table because wanted clearly to let know to a number of the states that they should not threaten the USA both their allies and friends with a use of weapons of mass defeat - George Bush has specified.
a fight against terrorism theme directly mention as well intentions of the USA to send the military men to Georgia for training of the Georgian military men. This point in question remains rather sensitive for Moscow. It was declared also by the Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov in Washington.
the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation has expressed opinion that the USA and Russia need in closer cooperation for the help to the Georgian government effectively to struggle with terrorism. According to Sergey Ivanov, the insurgents, had training preparation in Afghanistan and taken cover in the Pankissky gorge, are full of new terrorist plans . As the Russian minister, " has noted; Russia cannot easy sit and look at their activity . Sergey Ivanov has underlined that the USA will inform Russia on the plans in the Pankissky gorge, and also about phases of preparation of the Georgian military men and about scales of such preparation.
the head of the Pentagon, in turn, has declared that the USA do not intend to send any military personnel to gorge . According to Donald Ramsfeld, to Georgia it will be directed rather a small number of instructors only to train (Georgian) soldiers .