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The Israeli tank has shot Christmas church

On Thursday during maneuvers of one of armoured columns of the Israeli armies in the centre of Bethlehem a shot from the tool considerable damages are put a building of church of Christmas. On a place of this church, under the bible legend, Jesus Christ was born.
as a result of a shot the statue of Maiden Maria located in church has strongly suffered also. Data on victims and injured incident did not arrive yet. However it is known that in adjacent premises of a temple there were chambers for seriously ill patients of one of city hospitals. All of them have been evacuated prior to the beginning of army maneuvers in a city.
military command of Israel has expressed a regret because because of soldiers the largest Christian relic of the world has been damaged. It is informed that upon an event the careful investigation will be made, guilty will be punished.
we Will notice also that shortly before it four Palestinians were lost as a result of explosion of the car near the city of Tulkarm on the West Bank of Jordan. The car has been destroyed by a direct hit of the rocket from the Israeli helicopter. Two from victims were members of movement FATH. The authorities of Israel suspect them of the organisation of recent acts of terrorism in Netanii and Jerusalem. Soon after operation in a city Balls six more Palestinians - members of movement FATH have been arrested. Their possible participation in acts of terrorism against Israel is at the moment established.