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In Russia there were false oligarchs

Receptions domestic a sneer company do not cease to be improved. It is not excluded that soon Russia occurrence of the whole galaxy " expects; false oligarchs . The false letter ostensibly on behalf of the general director of company RUSAL Oleg Deripaska, arrived to editors-in-chief of some leading Russian mass-media became yesterday the first symptom of future epidemic.
authors of a forgery recommended to journalists to familiarise with the maintenance magazine future issue the Compromising evidence. ru which it is completely devoted life and activity of the former shadow owner of metallurgical company NOSTA, the insurance company Ingosstrah and Avtobank Andrey Andreeva . As has informed in the a press - release RUSAL, denied O.Deripaska`s authorship, the forgery is made with numerous errors. So the surname (instead of Deripaska Deripasko is written), ", in particular, is deformed; Rusal it is named by Open Company while the company is joint-stock company, the signature is roughly forged.
however, the editor-in-chief of magazine the Compromising evidence. Ru with humour has reacted to the similar announcement of its edition. Having thanked self-denying well-wishers Sergey Sokolov has noticed that most likely, the magazine should reconsider in the near future the marketing policy and to take at the staff department of advertising of similar sonorous characters, as that: Goloshina, Kirienkina, Avenova with Fridmanerom, Rushajlova and Zjugadova under Deripasko . In the post card, head of the edition has noticed that authors of a forgery have wanted to turn tragedy of the facts in a farce, to lower trust degree to the materials collected under a cover of one magazine .
Thus Sergey Sokolov considers that it any more the first attack to its magazine from the persons close, in its opinion, to businessman Andrey Andreevu. As he said, approximately one month ago, when materials of number devoted to activity by Andreeva, just were made ready for the press, in the Compromising evidence. ru representatives of some structures with the offer have addressed not to publish these data. However journalists have refused the sums offered for silence.