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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has established rigid rules of behaviour for fans

On the eve of opening of the next championship of Russia on football a management Russian football the prime minister - leagues and the Ministries of Internal Affairs have co-ordinated rules of behaviour of fans at stadiums. Now it is officially authorised to fans to bring on tribunes and to use plastic pipes, rattles have informed in a press - service of Service of public safety (SOB) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Besides, to the organised groups the fan - clubs it is authorised to use on tribunes flags on a plastic hollow staff and drums in diameter to 60 sm and height to 40 sm .
Football the fan - clubs also have the right to place in free sectors of stadium the big and small flags in coordination with administration of stadium and law enforcement bodies. But thus headers should not contain insults neither to resisting commands, nor to other fans.
alcohol intake and drugs and smoking Is forbidden also. It is impossible to carry by the weapon, the inflammable, explosive, poisonous, pyrotechnic and odorous substances pricking and cutting subjects, suitcases, portfolios, the big convolutions, bags, glasswares on stadium.
fans have no right to be during a match in the field, in locker rooms of sportsmen and other office accommodations of stadium. It is forbidden by rules to rise on armchairs, to get on protections, parapets, lighting devices, masts and bearing designs and to harm to stadium property .
SOB has especially underlined that the spectators who have broken rules, the militia will delete from action, and especially malicious infringers will involve to administrative and a criminal liability.
the entered restrictions became the next step to work of law enforcement bodies under the prevention of the disorders quite often arising during football and hockey matches. Pogrom in the centre of Moscow during translation of a match Russia - Japan of the World championship on football in June of last year became a push to the beginning of this struggle. Then as a result of disorders 72 persons have got the wounds, one person was lost. Show-windows of shops and the restaurants located on the central city streets have suffered from hands committing excesses more than 100 motor vehicles, and also. The court has brought accusations to 36 participants of pogroms, from which 18 persons - minors.