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Presidential elections of the Russian Federation on Chukotka have taken place

Presidential elections of Russia on Chukotka, according to preliminary data, have taken place. As have informed in district election committee, in Chukchi autonomous region 51,45 % of voters have voted.
according to all available information, in Koryak autonomous region also it is possible to consider elections taken place. As have informed in district electoral committee, by 14:00 local time (05:00 Moscow time) in district 51,46 % of voters have already voted.
elections of the head of the state pass in Koryak joint-stock company simultaneously with preschedule governor`s elections. That elections of the governor have taken place, on sites should come not less than 25 % of voters, and the candidate - to type over 50 % of voices. In case of appointment of the second round, the governor will be selected by simple majority of votes.
we will notice that in other regions citizens also show rather high activity. According to regional election committees the appearance for first two business hours of polling districts has made: in Republic Sakha (Yakutia) - 9,1 %, in Primorski Krai - 9,45 %, on Sakhalin - 8,35 %, on Kamchatka - 6,95 %, in the Kemerovo region - 8 %, in republic Tyve - 14,3 %, in Krasnoyarsk region - 4,07 % of voters.
as the Yakut republican election committee specifies, inhabitants Anabarsky ulusa most actively vote; for first two hours 31,40 % of voters have voted. In republic capital by this time 4,18 % of voters have voted.
the seaside regional election committee informs that in Vladivostok have voted about 6 % of voters. At present data on infringement of the elective legislation did not arrive.
the Kemerovo regional election committee has underlined that on the previous presidential election in 2000. Only 4,65 % of voters that almost twice below an indicator of this year at this time have voted. Thus in regional election committee have noticed that traditionally countrymen show the big activity.