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Georgia: Any Russian tank should not leave from base

the President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has addressed to a management of Russia with the request to take over the control of activity of the Russian military base in Batumi. On it to journalists was informed by the head of Georgia, having noticed that he also has addressed to the world community with the request to assist, that any Russian tank did not leave from base as it will lead to tragedies and misfortunes .
the Given statement is made in connection with the information on possible intervention of the Russian military men in the conflict between Batumi and Tbilisi. M.Saakashvili has called the population of Adzharii not to take in hands of the weapon for support of forces which gain money at the expense of inhabitants of an autonomy .
As to a management of Adzharii I allow time to this clan to think again, and to anybody I will forgive nothing - the president of Georgia has declared. As he said, this morning the authorities Adzharii Have thrown down very serious and impudent challenge of statehood of Georgia . the Authorities Adzharii do not start up representatives of the centre for election campaign carrying out in autonomy territory - has noted M.Saakashvili.
it has denied the information that it was accompanied by the armed people. there were only 30 persons from my bodyguard. I was ready to enter in Adzhariju and without protection, but was refused from hundred armed people and this with the fact that 100 % of the population of Adzharii are made by Georgians - the head of Georgia has underlined. the authorities of Georgia will not suffer such situation. We yet do not accept strict measures - has declared M.Saakashvili. On its belief, the power of Georgia should supervise port, customs and to stop illegal activity of military formations in Adzharii.
Russia, from its part, considers that all questions concerning Adzharii, it is necessary to solve peacefully, through political dialogue, any promotion of ultimatums, the reference to threat by force will lead only skatyvaniju to a situation to the conflict. Such statement in connection with a situation round Adzharii the official representative has made today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Jakovenko. In case of crisis, has underlined A.Jakovenko, all responsibility for it will lay down on the Georgian management.
development of a situation round Adzharii causes alarm and serious anxieties. There are bases to assume that Tbilisi plans to use the force, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is marked in the statement. The Georgian authorities, A.Jakovenko has declared, should be aware, in what can result this sort of provocative actions. It is necessary to understand that all it can have the heaviest and unpredictable consequences first of all for the Georgia.
the Georgian management repeatedly declared the aspiration to solve problems available in this country a democratic way. At the same time there is an impression that on - former words disperse from business, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in connection with an aggravation of a situation round Adzharii is told in the statement of the official representative.
we Will remind, today there was a loud incident on Georgian - adzharskoj to border. The population and special troops of Adzharii have not let in on territory of republic of the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili, heads of power structures and divisions of special troops of Georgia. The speaker of parliament Adzharii Giorgy Tsintskiladze has informed journalists that the authorities of an autonomy have no anything against M.Saakashvili`s visit, but they will not let in on territory of Adzharii of an army which are tightened to republic. The president of Georgia has left in Poti where has held extreme session of heads of power structures.
Armed forces of Georgia are resulted in an alert and there is near an administrative border with Adzhariej. On the other hand administrative border of Adzharii there are some thousand inhabitants the autonomies much of them are armed. Borders protect armored troop-carriers and special troops divisions.
in turn, head Adzharii Aslan Abashidze has declared that has made all that the world community has learnt about a situation in republic and not to bring matters to bloodshed. I have written the post card to the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili, but, despite it, since February, 22nd the centre has begun military technology preparation - has informed A.Abashidze. Thus he has noted: I and now try to translate all on rails which will take away bloodshed . Head Adzharii has urged the population to go out of doors and by that to force a management of Georgia to refuse the plans.