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The fire has completely destroyed the Arena building in Moscow

the Fire in the Arena building in the centre of Moscow is liquidated. To rescue a building as a result it was not possible. After a roof collapse, internal walls of the Arena have failed also. There were only walls on perimetre. Two firemen were lost. One more is hospitalised with the diagnosis a poisoning with burning products have informed in the Ministry of Emergency Measures.
according to the extreme commission created upon a fire in the Arena, the building arson is excluded. The unique reason which can be named, have noted in the commissions, this short circuit, but it yet the exact data . As have noted in the commission, the ignition centre has arisen at 21:15 Moscow time in stropilnoj parts of a building of the Arena. At the moment of a fire property, people in a building were not.
earlier the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has informed that the terrorism or diversion version is completely excluded. The capital town governor also has promised that the Arena will be necessarily restored. The building is not lost - the mayor of capital has declared.
the minister who has arrived to the place of a fire of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation Sergey Shojgu has informed: With fires in such buildings, the years constructed century back to consult difficult - he has noted.
at the height of a fire there was a danger of transition of fire on other nearby buildings with the Arena. First of all, this building of faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University and institute of the countries of Asia and Africa of the Moscow State University. The probability of such succession of events was high of - for a strong wind.
in buildings window frames and plavitsja glasses have started to smoke. Firemen watered also foam a roof of a building of faculty of journalism.
as the correspondent has informed, the fire area has made 6500 sq. metres. To a fire the higher fifth category of complexity has been appropriated. 60 fire-fighting crews have taken part in its suppression.
to a place of events there have arrived rescuers, militia, and also emergency services of gas supply and Mosvodokanal. Arrival of two helicopters of the Ministry of Emergency Measures is expected. The electricity in contact wires is disconnected, there was an evacuation of the stopped trolley buses, and also on the square cars.
movement of motor transport around a building is limited. In connection with a fire in the Arena building in Moscow are completely blocked street Big Nikitsky to Romanov of a lane, street Moss - from Vozdvizhenka to Tver.
upon a fire in the Arena criminal case is brought. As have informed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, business is raised under article 168 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (damage or property destruction on imprudence). On a scene the public prosecutor of Moscow Anatoly Zuev has left.
the Fire in the Arena: a photo gallery