Rus News Journal

Far East frontier guards have shot poachers

At detention brakonerskogo a trawler in the Far East around Northern Kuriles the minimum one person has been killed, NTV broadcasting company informs.
the boundary air patrol has found out around Northern Kuriles brakonerskoe a vessel without recognition symbols and a flag and has ordered to it to stop for examination. The command has been ignored, as well as precautionary shots. Then fire on defeat, only has been opened after that the trawler has stopped the movement.
on the damaged trawler frontier guards in its holds have found out 25 tons of a live crab. Any allowing documents on such kind of a craft at the captain it has not appeared.
two wounded fishermen quickly have been delivered in hospital. Soon one of them has died of the received wounds.
the Brakonersky vessel is delivered to port Severokurilsk spot-check. Upon an illegal craft of a crab investigation is conducted. A vessel Dubno It has appeared it is attributed to port the Find, it belongs to one their Sakhalin rybodobyvajushchih the companies. The crew structure includes 20 persons. Since July 2004. The vessel is in Japanese port Mombetsu, besides, on a craft in 2004 - 2005. Permissions by a command it has not been received.
one day earlier in sea of Japan also at attempt to leave from prosecution and to get rid of cargo brakonerskogo a crab other seiner has been detained. At its survey on a deck fragments of a crab have been found out, the trade documentation on a vessel was not conducted. For infringement of rules of a craft the seiner has been detained and convoyed for trial carrying out to Vladivostok.
annually from - for brakonerskogo a craft Russia loses by estimates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to 1 mlrd dollars After 1991 appreciable easing of protection of sea borders of Russia that creates favourable circumstances for criminal regeneration of branch and growth of number of poachers from among the Russian fishermen is observed. At annual decrease in volumes of extraction of water bioresources on 10 - 12 % the quantity of the crimes revealed in this branch, has increased with 1999. In 4,2 times. The Current situation has led to an exhaustion of resources of fishery in the Far East. Pollack stocks were in this time reduced in 2 times, the irreplaceable damage is put populations Kamchatka and to other kinds of the crab which natural cycle of reproduction makes 8 - 10 years. Resources of salmon fishes, cods, a sea hedgehog and other representatives of Far East sea fauna are rather essentially undermined.