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Collapse on mine in Yakutia: under blockages one person

On mine Erchim - Than located in 18 kilometres from settlement Chulman in Nerngrinsky area of Yakutia, there was a collapse. Under blockages there is one person, reports the East - media .
the Collapse has occurred on March, 13th in 15. 30 local time. At this time in mine there were 7 persons. Six from them have left development independently, and one, the machinist of a self-propelled trolley, could not get out. It is live, with it communication is supported. 26 persons and 5 units of technics are involved in salvage operations.
the trade of the miner is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. On number of failures in faces China annually losing about 7 thousand of miners is in the lead, failures in mines of this country occur some times in month, the country government even has let out the decree which orders to discharge from office directors of mines if in case of accidents will perish more than 3 persons. To China it is necessary to 35 % of all coal extracted in the world. On the post-Soviet territory in this plan the leader is Ukraine. In Russia cases of explosions, fires and breed collapses in faces of mines when a considerable quantity of people perishes also are frequent.
we will remind, on February, 9th on mine Esaulsky in Kuzbas there was a gas explosion, at the moment of explosion in mine there were 30 persons, 23 from which were lost. Seven persons it was possible to rescue. And on January, 25th on the same mine the fire has flashed. Then with 450 - metre depth on a surface have been lifted all 215 miners who were in a face during that moment.