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In Moscow

the corpse of the head of Federation of figure skating of Azerbaijan is found In number of one of the Moscow hotels the corpse of the president of Federation of figure skating of republic Azerbaijan Gusejna Alieva is found out, have informed capital law enforcement bodies.
the body 59 - summer G.Aliev was revealed the day before in the afternoon in the room of the hotel International - 1 located on Krasnopresnensky quay. Causes of death are not informed, but it is known that it does not carry criminal character.
on the given fact check is spent. The World championship organising committee on figure skating in Moscow has presented condolences in connection with death of the president of Federation of figure skating of Azerbaijan.
in the homeland Gusejn Aliev headed also National Federation of winter sports. It was among the foreign visitors who have arrived to Moscow on the World championship on figure skating which solemn opening has taken place the day before in sports palace Luzniki . For today start of the competitive program of tournament is planned.
it is necessary to notice that the World championship on figure skating was not spent to Russia 102 years, and it and at all passes in Moscow for the first time. At opening ceremony there was a president of Russia Vladimir Putin, the chairman of the government of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, the head of Federal agency on physical training and sports Vyacheslav Fetisov, the president of the International union of skaters of Ottavio Chinkvante, heads of the Russian Federation of figure skating, and also a star of world figure skating, winners of the Olympic games, repeated world champions and Europe.