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VS has justified the commandoes accused of murder by D.Holodova

military board of the Supreme court of Russia has upheld the verdict of “not guilty“ concerning the six former commandoes accused of murder of the journalist of the newspaper “ the Moscow member of the Komsomol “ Dmitry Holodova. Thereby the protest of the State Office of Public Prosecutor and the appeal of parents of the lost journalist have been rejected.
the military board has come to a conclusion about an inconsistency of arguments of a consequence that the former chief of investigation VDV Pavel Popovsky from careerist promptings (to please the chief, to Minister of Defence Pavel Grachev of that time) has organised and has prepared together with other defendants, the subordinates, murder of the journalist.
in the decision the court has noticed that, as appears from P.Grachev`s indications, it did not give the Item of Popovsky any instructions on D.Holodova`s physical elimination. Its indications are confirmed with that fact that in the relation eks - the minister criminal case has been stopped. The consequence has not presented other authentic proofs. Thus, conclusions of the investigation are no more than the assumption, is told in the judgement.
also charge in plunder by the former commandoes of ammunition (which, under the version of the investigation, were used at manufacturing SVU for murder of the journalist) is recognised by insolvent. In the decision the military board has specified that at justice realisation use of the proofs received with infringement of the law is not admissible. VK has confirmed that at a consequence stage at carrying out operatively - search actions law infringements were supposed. Also in the decision the military board has confirmed opinion of court of the first instance on legitimacy of a recognition doubtful indications of some witnesses, including the basic witness of charge - corporal Alexander Markelov.
As Irina Alyoshin has declared to journalists the representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, making comments on the today`s decision of the Supreme court, the State Office of Public Prosecutor has no lawful bases for the appeal of the verdict of “not guilty“ in higher judicial instances. “ the law does not provide for state charge of such possibility “ - she has underlined.
nevertheless, I.Alyoshin has reminded the statement of parents of the lost journalist for intention to address in the European court under human rights in case their rights as victims will not be protected by the Russian military justice. In this connection, representative Generpokuratury has specified: if the European court decides that the rights of parents of D.Holodova as victims, have been broken criminal case about murder of their son can be renewed according to the Russian legislation.
In turn, the lawyer of one of justified, Alexander Kapuntsova, Janauara Volvach, answering a question on possibility of giving of requirements of compensation moral and a material damage in connection with illegal almost four-year holding in custody of its client, has declared that “ for us reputation restoration " was the main thing;.
As she said: “ the Moscow member of the Komsomol “ and its editor, without having proofs, insisted on guilt of my client “. Proceeding from it, the lawyer intend to submit first of all in interests of the client the claim about protection of honour, advantage and A.Kapuntsova`s business reputation and to achieve a refutation of all publications MK.
As Elena Tomashevsky has declared the lawyer of another justified: “ Parents of Dimy Holodova - people of the Soviet formation, and they piously trust people in epaulets and meanly to assure them that the people sitting on a dock, are really guilty “.
Dmitry Holodov was lost on October, 17th 1994ã. As a result of explosion of the bomb put in a case in which to it ostensibly should transfer materials on the corruption facts in the Western group of armies. Accused on business there passed the former chief of investigation VDV P.Popovsky, the commander spetsotrjada VDV V.Morozov, its assistants A.Soroka and K.Mirzajants, and also the assistant to the general director of the private security enterprise “ Ross “ A.Kapuntsov and businessm K.Barkovsky.
on June, 10th 2004ã. The Moscow district military court in the second time has justified all six accused of D.Holodova`s murder. Now the verdict of “not guilty“ has come into force.