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In the Pentagon evacuation: searched for disputes of the Siberian ulcer

In the Pentagon building on Monday the biological alarm has been lifted. It has occurred after sensor controls have found out presence of chemical or biological substances. Gauges have worked in that branch of military department of the USA which is intended for mail reception, informs Reuters referring to a press - the secretary of the Minister of Defence of the USA Glenn Flada.
the Alarm signal has thundered approximately at 18:30 Moscow time. According to two local TV channels of Washington referring to service of the help in emergency situations, sensor controls have shown presence dispute of the Siberian ulcer.
as informs NBC, the alarm signal has sounded in the separate building intended for reception of mail. As a result 100 persons have been evacuated nearby, the building has been closed and sealed up. Later the preliminary analysis of the dangerous substance which have been found out in one of buildings of the Pentagon, has really shown presence dispute of the Siberian ulcer. On it referring to statements of representatives of the American military department informs TV channel FOX News.
After reception of the first results of preliminary analyses it was offered to all employees of post division of the Pentagon to accept strong medical products. At present at one of employees it is not revealed suspicious symptoms yet, informs TV channel. Incident investigation conducts Federal bureau of investigations (FBI).
And only after some hours the situation has safely come to the end: additional researches of the dangerous substance which has been found out in one of buildings of the Pentagon, have not confirmed presence dispute of the Siberian ulcer.
we will remind, in 2001., soon after acts of terrorism on September, 11th, all America was afraid of infection with the Siberian ulcer. Envelopes with a powder containing disputes of this dangerous disease, have come then by mail to the American senators. Completely to secure three buildings of the Senate against possible infection, it was required three month and 23 million dollars. Then from this illness in the country five persons have died, 17 persons have been hospitalised.