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In Paris there are collisions of students with police

Collisions between students and police have occurred nearby to Parisian Sorbonny, near a complex of university buildings in Latin quarter, the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow .
As eyewitnesses tell, some tens persons have rushed into a courtyard of the educational institution located opposite to Sorbonny. To disseminate crowd of demonstrators, the police has applied tear gas.
after that young men have left a courtyard of a building and have joined several hundreds other students which blocked approaches to a complex of university buildings.
in reply to actions of policemen the crowd has thrown stones at guards and bottles. As a result of collisions one policeman has suffered.
we Will remind that students not only Paris, but also other cities of the country protest against a new order which, in particular, allows employers to dismiss within first two years young experts without assigning any reasons.
on March, 11th during suppression of disorders in Sorbonne two persons have been wounded, 27 - are arrested. Divisions of a special purpose of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France have turned out from territory of university about 200 students who have grasped it four days ago.