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the Organizer of the auctions of Open Company “ the Legion “ (the mailing address: 634034, Tomsk, Nakhimov`s lane, 14/ 1 - 96, e - a mail: legiontomsk@sibmail. com, contact bodies: (8 - 3822) 48 - 03 - 69.) Informs on that the auctions on property sale Open Company “ transsibstroj “ , appointed on 31. 01. 2012, are recognised by not taken place in connection with absence of demands.

in this connection the organizer of the auctions 15. 03. 2012 in 15. 00 spends repeated auction (opened on structure of participants and closed under the form of giving of offers on the price) on sale of property of Open Company “ transsibstroj “ with decrease in initial cost on 10 %.

the Prize น1: Svaebojnaja joint venture installation - 49 1999 of century - not on the move, demand repair. The starting price of a prize: 810 000 rbl.

the Prize น2: the Dredge “ HITACHI ZX - 270 2006 of century - razukomplektovan, are absent the engine. The starting price of a prize: 900 000 rbl.

the Prize น3: the Dredge “ HITACHI ZX - 210 “ 2007 of century, demands repair, the starting price of a prize: 2 070 000 rbl.

the Prize น4: GAS 3309 (ภา336135011), 2006 of century, - not on the move, the starting price of a prize: 297 000 rbl.

the Prize น5: the Trailer off-road Bronto - 8946, 2000 of century, are absent wheels. The starting price of a prize: 18 000 rbl.

the Deposit of 10 %. To participation in the auctions are supposed fiz. And jur. The persons who have in due time submitted the demands, paid when due hereunder the deposit. The demand should correspond to requirements of item 11 of item 110 FZ “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) “ น127 - FZ.

Demands acceptance, inclinations and necessary for participation in the auctions of documents to 12. 00 ch. 14. 03. 2012; acquaintance with conditions of tender, order of registration of participation in the auctions, tendering, summarising of the auctions, characteristics of objects of the auctions, requisites of the account for entering of inclinations on a site www. sberbank - ast. ru. The winner of the auctions - the person who has offered the highest price.

Payment in time 30 calendar days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale.