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Powerful earthquake has spread panic in Indonesia

In Indonesia there was an earthquake by force 6,8 points under the Richter scale.
under messages of Geological service of the USA, earthquake epicentre was in 93 km to the West from the city of Ambon, capital of the Indonesian province of Maluku, on depth of 40 km.
earthquake has caused a panic among local residents. Messages on victims or destructions did not arrive yet, transfers Associated Press.
we will notice that last similar earthquake has occurred in Indonesia on November, 19th proshogo year. Then force of elements has made 6,5 points under the Richter scale.
we will add that about one year back, on December, 26th, 2004, powerful earthquake has caused a tsunami which victims became 226 thousand persons among which citizens of Indonesia were, Thailand, in coast of Indonesia Shri - Lanki, India, Maldive Islands and ten more the states.
Indonesia settles down on extensive archipelago (1700 islands), located lengthways geologicheski active a Pacific fiery ring . On archipelago is over 100 active volcanoes.
meanwhile, according to the World bank, the cumulative damage from acts of nature only in the countries of Europe and the Central Asia for last 30 years has made more than 100 mlrd dollars In some countries a damage from natural and technogenic accidents regularly reaches 20 % of gross national product.