Rus News Journal

In Gaza there is a capture of the European representations

Furious crowds attack representations of the countries of the West across all Gaza Strip. In some hours Palestinians have tried to take storm the British cultural centre, representation of EU and a staff - apartment of German broadcasting company ARD.
Under not confirmed data, attack the representation of British telebroadcasting company Bi - bi - si, however could undergo also while trustworthy information on this theme is absent.
pogroms are accompanied by captures of hostages. By 18:00 Moscow time it is known that eight citizens of France have got to hands of insurgents, to Australia and Switzerland, informs AR. Besides, unknown persons have fired at a jeep in which there were employees of the American humanitarian mission.
the British cultural centre has most strongly suffered. After unsuccessful attempt to take a building under control, rebels have set fire to it. Have not stopped them and threat of local authorities to open fire on defeat at attack attempt on citizens of the western countries.
several weeks ago representatives Hamas promised to guarantee safety of foreigners. Insurgents Hamas even protected Christian church in Gaza Strip. However the politicians who have in the present state of affairs headed the Palestinian government do not manage to regain control over situation.
disorders have begun after the Israeli armies have performed operation in prison territory in Jericho, demanding to give out them six former ministers of tourism of Israel condemned for murder to Rehavama Zeevi in 2001 - an ohm to year. Israelis managed to occupy prison territory only in 10 hours after the siege beginning.
the West countries are thus accused that not so long ago the British and American observers who were in ierihonskoj to prison, have left the Near East. In Gaza Strip consider that they thereby have given Green light the Israeli military man.