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Israelis have successfully finished prison storm in Jericho

the Palestinian insurgents who were in prison of the city of Jericho, have surrendered in a captivity to Israelis storming a building.
Has surrendered including Ahmed Saadat, the leader of the Palestinian extremist republic responsible for murder in 2001 of the former minister of tourism of Israel Rehavama Zeevi. Before A.Saadat of interview to Qatar TV channel Al Jazeera assured that will not give of itself in charge the Israeli justice.
Fuad Shobaki who long time delivered the weapon to the Palestinian extremist groupings has been detained also.
all arrested persons and so were prisoners. However there were they in the Palestinian prison that did not allow Tel - to Avivu to begin court over terrorists. Only after departure from Jericho the British and American observers the Israeli command has made decision to grasp prison. Storm proceeded almost 10 hours and was accompanied by air strikes. To break prison walls it was possible by means of military bulldozers.
operation of Israelis has caused indignation in the Palestinian territories. Hundreds people left on streets of Gaza Strip with the slogan: Israel will not receive Ahmed Saadata . Palestinians have broken the rage on representations of the Western countries in autonomy territory. The British cultural centre, EU representation, and also local a staff - apartment of German broadcasting company ARD has been subjected defeat.