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POPPY: 2006. Became record on a death toll in air crashes

Last year became record on a death toll in air crashes in Russia. It follows from the annual report of Interstate aviation committee (POPPY) about a security status of flights in civil aircraft.
according to committee, in 2006 in aviation incidents in our country or with planes of the Russian airlines 318 persons that exceeds quantity of victims in all previous year were lost.
in the report also it is underlined that total number of victims in territory of the states-participants Agreements on civil aircraft and on use of air space (the majority of the countries USSR enters) in 2006 in comparison with the previous has increased in 4,6 times.
all in the expired year on the post-Soviet territory there were 33 aviation incidents, including 17 accidents (10 of them - in Russia) in which 466 persons were lost. In 2005. The number of aviation incidents has made 25, including accidents - 13, victims - 101 persons. Number of aviation incidents as a whole on park of aircrafts of the countries - participants of the agreement past year in comparison with 2005. Has increased in 1,3 times.
in sphere of regular passenger transportations in 2006. It is fixed four aviatsionnyhproisshestvija, including three accidents: planes And - 320 companies " have broken; Armavia And - 310 airlines Siberia and That is 154 airlines Pulkovo . In these air crashes 409 persons were lost.
among the key problems revealed by experts of committee, - discrepancy of the majority of aircrafts and navigation systems to modern requirements, imperfection of system of preparation of the personnel and is standard - legal base, reduction of number of airdromes, the high price for aviation fuel. Besides, by data the POPPY, deterioration take-off - landing strips in the countries - participants of the agreement reaches 80 %.
At the same time temporarily fulfilling duties of the chief of criminal militia of the Moscow Department of Internal Affairs on air and a sailing charter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Victor Hrapov asserts that one of principal causes of occurrence of malfunctions is statement on aviation vessels of counterfeit spare parts. He has noticed that every days a crash landing in territory of the Russian Federation makes 1 - 2 planes of the Russian airlines. Thus V.Hrapov has specified that a crash landing makes planes not only domestic, but also foreign manufacture.
to solve a problem of counterfeit production in aviation sphere, in its opinion, it is possible by means of economic measures what are resuscitation and manufacture of spare parts which are today in a deplorable state . Besides, amendments to the Russian legislation, directed on regulation of deliveries of aviation spare parts are necessary. In these purposes the interdepartmental commission into which representatives of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation enter, in particular, is already created. The commission, assorting last affairs on this problem, prepares now the offers.
V.Hrapov has reminded that attraction of a management of Joint-Stock Company " became one of the loudest criminal cases lately; SB - 120 to responsibility on item 159 (swindle) of the criminal code of Russian Federation for delivery of out-of-date aviaspare parts which were accompanied by counterfeit certificates. However, as the militiaman has noticed, to make answerable infringers it was possible only for forging of documents, but not for delivery of poor-quality spare parts.