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in the culture Ministry Grigory Ivliev
From sources in the culture Ministry " will be engaged in cultural heritage Protection; it became known that the head of committee of the State Duma of culture Grigory Ivliev becomes the new deputy minister of culture concerning cultural heritage protection in the near future. It will occupy the vacancy confirmed by the government of the Russian Federation in connection with liquidation of Rosohrankultury, whose powers are transferred Minkultu. The nominee of mister Ivlieva was brought on the coordination to prime minister Vladimir Putin by the minister of culture Alexander Avdeev, has confirmed yesterday its assistant Andrey Busygin temporarily supervising sphere of protection of monuments. In August it was supposed that vacancy will be occupied with vice-president AFK System Sergey Mndojants, however its nominee in the White house and have not co-ordinated, have told sources in Minkulte, having specified what to appoint to Grigory Ivlieva`s this post Vladimir Putin has offered. Pjatidesjatichetyrehletny mister Ivliev - the lawyer by training, before election as the deputy worked in State Duma administration and the governments of the Russian Federation.

Anna Pushkarsky, St.-Petersburg