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Auditors have walked on a zone

Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation has come to a conclusion that for five years of work special ekonomzona (OEZ) “ Lipetsk “ has never executed the annual investment plan for 100 %, and return of the enclosed state means auditors have estimated as “ one rouble of the investor on one budgetary rouble “. Following the results of 2010 of Open Society OEZ “ Lipetsk “ has shown a loss at a rate of 21 million rbl. However experts consider that a zone “ develops it is forward “ though will earn on a total power not earlier than 2016.
on hand „“ there were results of check by Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation of efficiency of use of the state means allocated for development OEZ “ Lipetsk “ in 2006 - 2011. As of July, 1st, 2011 the contribution of shareholders to Open Society OEZ authorised capital stock “ Lipetsk “ has made 3,73 mlrd rbl., including Open Society investments “ OEZ “ have reached 2,179 mlrd rbl. (58 %), the Lipetsk region - 1,552 mlrd rbl. (42 %). Besides, directly Open Society “ OEZ “ has concluded 63 contracts with executors of works for the sum 5,491 mlrd rbl. “ the Expected cost of all objects of infrastructure OEZ in the Lipetsk region under the project of the summary investment plan confirmed by board of directors of Open Society “ΞέΗ“ in December, 2010, makes 17,788 mlrd rbl. “ - explain in chamber. As a whole for five years, by estimates of auditors, at creation of objects of infrastructure OEZ it is executed works on 6,759 mlrd rbl. “ the Analysis of performance of the investment plan on years has shown that in 2007 investment plan OEZ has been executed on 71,7 %, in 2008 - on 71,8 %, in 2009 - on 51,2 %, in 2010 - on 46,2 %, for the first half of the year 2011 - on 18,9 % from the annual plan. It is necessary to notice that the investment plan affirms annually and is corrected taking into account its execution during the current year “ - it is informed in check materials.

Under the version of auditors of Audit Chamber, the reasons of default of the investment plan are “ the untimely statement of the list of objects of infrastructure OEZ which is subject to building, reconstruction and major repairs “ “ duration of terms of designing and reception of the positive conclusion of state expert appraisal design - the budget documentation “ and also “ default by contract organisations of the treaty obligations taken on on creation of objects of infrastructure OEZ “. So, for example, on June, 6th, 2011 OEZ has terminated the contract from Joint-Stock Company “ Optima the Power system “ on building of substation 220/ 110/ 10 kv - “ in connection with infringement of terms and performance volumes building - installation works “.

According to chamber, for five years from the federal budget and the budget of the Lipetsk region on building of objects of infrastructure OEZ “ Lipetsk “ it is directed 7 mlrd rbl., “ The volume of made production residents has made 7,03 mlrd rbl. “ According to auditors, for July, 1st, 2011 economic efficiency of functioning of a zone “ on one budgetary rouble has made one rouble “. It is necessary to notice, however, that the volume of investments 17 in the projects has made of 18 registered residents 13,9 mlrd rbl., “ or 199 % from volume of budgetary funds “.

we Will remind that the Audit Chamber inspected expenses of means on federal OEZ. According to an audit report, almost for five years on creation and development of zones from the budget it has been directed 87,8 mlrd rbl. Thus 53 % of the sum that " are spent only 46,3 mlrd rbl., or; testifies to low efficiency of an expenditure of means of the federal budget “. Results it has been decided to direct to the president of the Russian Federation, to the government, the State Office of Public Prosecutor and FSB.

According to published report OEZ “ Lipetsk “ For 2010, the total cost of actives of a zone on the end of last year has made 3,97 mlrd rbl. Dead loss - 21,1 million rbl. of All in ekonomzone is planned to place 45 residents with volume of investments in 120 mlrd rbl. Industrial output thus will reach 100 mlrd rbl. a year.

general director OEZ “ Lipetsk “ Vladimir Lavrentev has declared yesterday that “ has no right to state an estimation to Audit Chamber conclusions “. However, as he said, ekonomzona “ does not test any complexities or problems “: “ We start factories, we carry on negotiations with new potential residents. Ekonomzona not a samovar which in half an hour will begin to boil and it will be possible to pour tea. OEZ demands time endurance and silence. Money does not love the big noise and any agiotage: political, economic or another “. Mister Lavrentev hopes that “ The maximum by 2020 OEZ “Lipetsk“ leaves on designed capacity, and even earlier “. It also has reminded that the zone is calculated on functioning within 20 years - till the end of 2025 “.

Operating actives of financial group BKS Nikolay Solabuto considers that “ the Audit Chamber report shows a real state of affairs in an economic zone “Lipetsk“ “. “ But though also there are obvious problems with performance of investment plans, this OEZ develops effectively enough and is attractive to large investors about what, in particular, speaks arrival to a zone of such serious foreign investors, as Yokohama, completing in the Lipetsk region the factory first stage on manufacture of tyres “ - the expert has noted. “ as a whole it is possible to agree with a conclusion of auditors that building of infrastructure OEZ can be not finished the next years “ - mister Solabuto has assumed.

“ The same conclusions of Audit Chamber can be considered from different positions. For example, that all are spent not allocated on OEZ means, it is possible to consider and as the original form of thrift in relation to the state money: means, they are not spent only in order that them to spend. At the same time it some kind of a signal to the authorities about necessity of any measures that development ekonomzon went more effectively “ - Dmitry Baranov from " has added; finam Management “.