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The Voronezh deceived shareholders have asked to suffer to the middle of 2012

past Friday the governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeyev has declared that the problem of the deceived shareholders in region should be solved to the middle of next year. G - n Gordeyev has informed that for today practically half such shareholders - 2250 from 4450 persons - have already received apartments or have accurate representations about prospects of building of the habitation which is conducted taking into account the decision of all procedural and financial questions . The assistant to the governor Vitaly Shabolatov has explained that at the profile meeting which has taken place on Friday, questions of principle on three large problem objects of share building " have been solved;. The decision on renewal of building of objects of the company of Open Company " Is accepted; the System of Art : the first stage zhilkompleksa the Golden Ring (street Antonova - Ovseenko) and zhilkompleksa Continent (street Running). The first will complete Open Company IP To. And. T the second - Open Company the Choice . Both objects will be handed over on conditions sofinansirovanija by shareholders with surcharge 3 - 3,5 thousand for 1 sq. m. Besides, obligations on completion of object of the company Monolitstroj Voronezh has incurred Open Society House-building industrial complex - on the terms of indemnification of expenses the ground areas. The basic problem objects remain the second turn zhilkompleksa the Golden Ring nedostroj Open Company Strojmontazh 2004 in Parkway of the Victory and zhilkompleks the Wood glade on the earths VGAU.