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“ Kosmoport “ the Owner of the largest in the Samara region trading - the entertaining centre " does not burn

; Kosmoport “ Victor Surkov has, seemingly, beaten off from claims from supervising bodies. Off-schedule check TRTS in April, 2011 has revealed a number of infringements of fire safety: ways of evacuation of visitors passed through building, and fire-engines from - for features of a parking hardly could make the way to a building in a case a swagger - a major. About elimination of infringements the developer challenges the instruction of the Ministry of Emergency Measures in court, business is transferred in appeal instance. However, to achieve at least time closing “ Kosmoporta “ the Ministry of Emergency Measures and was not possible, TRTS is not included even not in the schedule of checks
pozhnadzora the next year.

Open Company “ Victor and To Mega Park “ will appeal against in appeal instance against the decision of arbitration of the Samara region which has agreed with regional GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia that the largest in Broadcasting Company region “ Kosmoport “ not up to the end corresponds to norms of fire safety, and has upheld the instruction given out to the developer about elimination of these infringements.

under the complaint of the inhabitant of Samara department has spent corresponding off-schedule check in the beginning of April, 2011. Active works on expansion of floor spaces of Broadcasting Company, and, according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures at this time were conducted, in a case a swagger - a major visitors should be evacuated through building. According to the check certificate, the case “ Ashan “ then has not been separated by fire-prevention partitions and overlappings of the necessary type, sliding doors and abundance of trading booths interfered with free evacuation of people. On April, 18th the court of the Soviet area of Samara recognised the developer guilty of an administrative offence, and on April, 21st the Ministry of Emergency Measures has given out the instruction about elimination of infringements. Its Open Company “ Victor and To Mega Park “ Also has appealed against in Arbitration court of the Samara region, insisting that attach is not Broadcasting Company part, are available “ calculations of fire risk “ and to eliminate infringements for five days - till April, 26th simply it is impossible. However these arguments have not convinced court. “ during checks from them and it was not possible to receive all requested documents “ - have told „“ in the Ministry of Emergency Measures. The arbitration of Samara has upheld the department instruction. This decision will be appealed against also by the developer. “ we left in court with the petition for a suspension of operation of this Broadcasting Company for the term up to 90 days twice. However the court was limited to the symbolical cheap penalty “ - tell in the Ministry of Emergency Measures. According to employees of department, “ convenient ways of an entrance for a special equipment and have not appeared, on a ground floor on - former the autoshop with combustible rubber and oils " works;. “ If something happens, there can be problems as in 2008 when in ventilation of one of restaurants there was a short circuit, fire-engines have hardly passed to a place of possible ignition “ - tell in department.

about possibility of closing TTS in April, 2011 have started talking and in the mayoralty of Samara after joint session of the antiterrorist commission and the commission on preventive maintenance of offences. Then to the developer have remembered also insufficient quantity of parking spaces, absence of a convenient entrance, absence of the promised reconstruction of streets Dybenko, Karbysheva and Ivan Bulkina with building of foot sidewalks (see „more in detail “From April, 30th, 2011). However, business and is not has reached giving of corresponding claims. “ within the limits of powers missives to owners of shopping centre with the requirement to eliminate all infringements have been directed. Consequences of infringements, and also default of instructions are in a legal field of Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Samara region “ - have declared yesterday in management of the information and analytics of administration of Samara. It is remarkable that in this time “ Kosmoport “ has got one more trading gallery which approximately has increased floor space TRTS by a quarter. There was thus not an expansion, and parking reduction is faster. Inquiry about plans of its reorganisation in the developer company yesterday have not answered.

thus, under data„ “, and the mayoralty of Samara, and pozhnadzor have, seemingly, decided to leave the developer alone. So, the interlocutor „“ in goradministratsii has noticed that the authorities are not going to address yet in courts and will try to agree with mister Surkovym peacefully. In turn, in the schedule of checks of the Ministry of Emergency Measures the next year, despite available to object and its proprietor questions, Broadcasting Company “ Kosmoport “ at all does not appear. However, it the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Samara region there can bring. However on such plans in supervising department yesterday could not inform.

according to lawyers, closing TRTS from - for fire nebezopasnosti, especially in regions, a case “ from the fantasy category “. In particular, in the Samara region in 2008 such decision was accepted by court of Autofactory area Tolyatti concerning TRTS “ Russia on Volga “ which accepted visitors and was completed simultaneously. The court has decided to close it for 45 days, however police officers have sealed up only office areas and warehouses.

consideration of the appeal complaint of Open Company “ Victor and To Mega Park “ the court has appointed to November, 7th. Yesterday in the developer company did not make comments on litigation and elimination of infringements of fire safety.