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V.Putin: Act of terrorism in Domodedovo does not concern the Chechen Republic

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared that, according to preliminary data consequences, act of terrorism in Domodedovo does not concern the Chechen Republic. The head of the government has made such statement after a meeting with and. An island of premieres - the minister of Belgium.
answering a question of journalists on, whether it is necessary to carry on negotiations with terrorists, the prime minister has noticed that any country respecting in the world does not go on this way .
It is world practice of fight against terrorism. As soon as negotiations with terrorists begin, aggression increases and the quantity of victims increases. Such negotiations with terrorists and extremists have in the early nineties led us to the first and second Chechen wars - the head of the government has underlined.
according to V.Putin, the state is ready to carry on negotiations with all political forces which are ready to settle a situation. As to negotiations with somebody, nobody refused to carry on negotiations with all political forces. For example, at the height of crisis in the Chechen Republic it has allowed to settle a situation - the prime minister has noted.
V.Putin also has declared that Russia is ready to continue ruthless war with terrorism and extremism.
the state should develop socially - an economic situation on caucasus, to be engaged in protection of people on transport and at mass congestions of citizens. Also it is necessary, certainly to continue to wage ruthless war with terrorism and extremism - V.Putin has told, having underlined that any society with powerful historical roots in the conditions of threat rallies and rejects the general pressure of terrorism .
we Will remind, explosion at the capital airport of Domodedovo has thundered at 16:32 Moscow time on January, 24th 2011. An explosive, according to eyewitnesses, the suicide bomber who was on air terminal among the meeting has put in action. As a result of act of terrorism 35 persons were lost, still nearby 200 have got wounds, from them 116 are hospitalised.
in Moscow and Moscow suburbs day of mourning in memory of victims of act of terrorism at the Domodedovo airport today is declared.