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Top - 7 leaders of the Russian opposition

the December wave of civil protests has made very actual a question on, whether there is in Russia a politician, capable to become the leader of opposition. However, more than for a month of the protest phenomena the isolated oppositional environment did not leave the uniform leader. Instead of it it is represented by the whole cohort of politicians, and also not connected with pulling of an imperious blanket art workers. They are writers, journalists, public men - moral authorities which enjoy the greatest support of ordinary participants of meetings.
the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin also has expressed readiness for dialogue, he agrees to carry on negotiations with a part of active workers Marsh and Saharova (League of voters), thus does not understand, with whom from representatives of political opposition, should talk. We will notice that League of voters it is underlined separated from a policy, having declared impossibility of the introduction into its numbers of people with political ambitions.
Political scientist Igor Bunin believes that the power owes a message dialogue as a whole with opposition, instead of with someone from oppositionists. the opposition should be grouped, create the staff which would consist not of the people applying for the power, and from those who will be chosen by the Internet. If the Internet chooses A.Navalnogo, V.Ryzhkova, B.Akunina and L.Parfyonov the power should carry on dialogue with them - the political scientist marks.
by means of experts has tried to understand, through whom from leaders Decembrists 2. 0 the power could begin productive dialogue with a society, having made the Top - 7 leaders of the Russian opposition.

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