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7. The politician from mountain Parnassus

the Co-chairman of not registered Party of national freedom (Parnassus) Vladimir Ryzhkov, one of participants of organising committee of meeting on the prospectus of Saharova and procession on February, 4th, too looks quite probable participant of dialogue with the power. On a hand to it the spotless reputation and moderate enough position plays.
Ryzhkov - the most weighed, objective, mild, the person most well knowing Russia - the poet and journalist Dmitry Bykov considers.
the deputy of the State Duma from party " is solidary with it; an United Russia Alexander Hinstein who has noted: the Opposition, undoubtedly, is non-uniform, and in it of that only is not added: all kinds of people. But if to speak from the point of view of adequacy in a circle of oppositionists, I do not take now the colleagues on the State Duma, V.Ryzhkov " is allocated;.
From V.Ryzhkovym A.Hinstein worked together in the Duma of the fourth convocation and remembers The normal and sensible approach to many things . If to analyse its performances and to compare that we have got used to hear from lips of leaders of this opposition, it is possible to see that in them there are no appeals to power overthrow, storming the Kremlin or the White house - the politician has noticed.
actress Lija Ahedzhakova, for whose nominee for performance on meeting have voted considerable number of people, also named V.Ryzhkova one of leaders of opposition. here Ryzhkov Volodja. And what to prove? It as you love: you know, why you love. Matter of course, the decent person and the clear head big - she has told.
besides V.Ryzhkova the remarkable oppositionist the actress considers also other co-chairman of Parnassus, a member of political council of movement Solidarity Boris Nemtsov.
B. Nemtsov is charming, nice, but I think, it will not be pleasant to the population and the majority of opposition that it will express their point of view because it bears in itself(himself) a trace of last time. The new person " is necessary; - caricaturist Andrey Bilzho has noticed.
as a bargaining chip
After consultations of oppositionists with eks - Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin V.Ryzhkov has written the Openness on the page in Facebook: For today negotiations with the power about performance of requirements protesting have not taken place - because of the power. The power ignores requirements of people and is not ready to any dialogue that V.Putin`s article in " confirms; News .
Making comments on possibility of dialogue of opposition with the government, V.Ryzhkov has noticed that the authorities will be in all ways to leave from open dialogue, and it is a unique variant at which we are ready to communicate. An openness - here our major principle .

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