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3. The among strangers

Participation in meeting on the prospectus of Saharova eks - Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin whom Vladimir Putin in recent interview named the friend, has made its most probable figure peregovorshchika. A.Kudrin has declared on meeting that does not consider the last elections to Duma fair. The minister in resignation has expressed readiness together with the others to work over the positive program of opposition and has offered itself as the intermediary in dialogue with the power.
as he has declared in interview to Leonid Parfyonov on Kommersant TV at V.Putin the big mistrust to group which tries to present itself vyrazhateljami interests holding a meeting. Also there is a misunderstanding who holds a meeting also who can represent them. A.Kudrin considers that it could become the intermediary between the former head and representatives of opposition. Besides, it plans to consolidate round itself(himself) the right electorate and to create Liberal party.
A.Kudrin`s Nominee can appear compromise, political scientists are assured. The general director of the Center of the political information Alexey Mukhin has noticed that A.Kudrin - that person who can become a link between opposition and V.Putinym personally . The political scientist has sounded the version that in the near future A.Kudrin becomes the prime minister - the minister. and this decision will be quite in the spirit of V.Putin who loves extravagant decisions of paradoxical situations - A.Mukhin has added.
the director of the Center of political technologies Igor Bunin agrees that A.Kudrin can become the intermediary, and in a consequence there will be also other similar figures.
A.Kudrin enjoys confidence of the authorities, but at the same time does not cause tearing away in the liberal public. However, even having visited on meeting, not consent in the opinion of the public it did not become. A.Kudrin is a person whom the prime minister - the minister wants to be. It is clear to become prime minister, it is necessary to keep any positive in relations with the power, therefore, of course, it is impossible to name Alexey Leonidovicha opposition - the director of the International institute of political examination Evgenie Minchenko has commented.
Possibility will become the prime minister at A.Kudrin not only in case of V.Putin`s presidency. As the candidate for presidents Michael Prokhorov has declared, it is ready to make eks - the minister the prime minister in case of a victory on elections.

Itself eks - the minister continues to declare a step forward readiness to take part in situation settlement. On the official site A.Kudrin ascertained absence of progress in dialogue of representatives of organising committee of meetings and representatives of the power during holidays.
it quite arranges irreconcilable in both camps, but cannot arrange supporters of the rational approach. I consider the further preservation the status - kvo dangerous - A.Kudrin writes.
to deduce a situation from deadlock, it is necessary, that the parties have made on one step towards each other. The organising committee should formalize the representation for negotiation: to concretise the agenda which suits all its participants, to choose concrete representatives for negotiating, having given them the official status, to connect to work of official representatives of parliamentary opposition. The power should show visually readiness for dialogue with this working group - the politician considers.
A.Kudrin suggests to expand a circle of intermediaries at the expense of inclusion there the people who are enjoying confidence of both parties, such, as the representative under human rights in Russia Vladimir Lukin. However, as the co-chairman of not registered Party of national freedom Vladimir Ryzhkov marked, And. Kudrin itself was caused to be peregovorshchikom and already four times tried to organise a similar meeting, but it at it did not leave that shows its inconsistency as the intermediary.

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