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4. Eternally the second of the left number

For a long time habitual players of so-called system opposition - the parliamentary parties in words not concordant with a line an United Russia theoretically could unite protesting under the banners. The main candidate - obedinitel here - the leader of communist party Gennady Zyuganov.
G.Zyuganov struggled for a post of the president three times, promising to Russians one more attempt of construction of a socialism in separately taken country, and took the second place three times: in its track record loss to Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.
the victory of the communist was most possible in 1996., when following the results of the first round G.Zyuganov has received 32,03 % of voices, and its main contender, the president of the Russian Federation B.Yeltsin - 35,28 %. Elections 1996. Have appeared unique in the history of modern Russia on which carrying out of the second round in which the victory all - taki has got to B.Yeltsin was required.
However the director of the International institute of political examination Evgenie Minchenko has noticed that, despite all it restrictions G.Zyuganov - the unique politician today round which other oppositional candidates " under certain conditions could unite;.
It has depicted a possible variant of succession of events on presidential election. conditions very simple. We will admit, there are they from V.Putinym in the second round, at V.Putin - 40 %, at G.Zyuganov - 30 %, theoretically are possibility of that any part of oppositional candidates can vote for G.Zyuganov - has noticed E.Minchenko.
I do not know, round whom the opposition could rally. I know that at Vladimir Vladimirovicha is chudesnejshaja possibility with official opposition to talk on - chelovecheski, - the actor and director Nikolay Gubenko considers. - I think, if it makes the decision on the coalition government on the near future should speak first of all with G.Zyuganov, S.Mironovym and V.Zhirinovsky .
Writer Zahar Prilepin has reminded that with these politicians of premieres - the minister and so communicates, therefore they cannot be carried to a camp of oppositionists. expression system opposition I consider comical. The opposition a priori cannot be system, it is delirium. Therefore to begin notorious dialogue with G.Zyuganov and V.Zhirinovsky there is no sense - they can distribute instructions - summarised Z.Prilepin.
the eternal oppositionist resisting to the authorities not the first decade, G.Zyuganov stretch heads fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the State Duma.
V.Putin, of course, perceives parliamentary opposition as the so-called system. Certainly, he speaks about them as about oppositionists, but, judging by its relation, they at it do not use the big respect. Because V.Putin for them - the higher chief. And consequently to speak about them as about the political opponents it actually cannot - the general director of the Center of the political information Alexey Mukhin has noticed.
Bloger Rustem Adagamov named existence of system opposition by the paradoxical phenomenon, as being called opposition this hybrid - a power part .
the Orange leprosy and obshchegrazhdanskie
the Parliamentary opposition during protest voting on elections to Duma has received meetings of more places, than in the Duma of the previous convocation, however a wave of meetings against falsifications on elections too has supported.
in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation the taken place elections recognised as illegitimate, having presented the list of infringements on 57 pages. On the Marsh area communists have been presented by the head of fraction in Moscow City Council Andrey Klychkovym, however on the prospectus of Saharova speaking on behalf they were not. Simultaneously G.Zyuganov has opposed mass riots and appeals to orange revolution . It is impossible to push the country to to an orange leprosy and its magnificent colour was already showed. Such variant is absolutely unacceptable for Russia - he has told. However later communists have explained that their leader meant not holding a meeting, and those who was involved in the organisation of system of falsifications - Boris Nemtsov, Michael Kasyanov, Anatoly Chubays. Except obshchegrazhdanskih, communists have held some own meetings for a fair election.
one of the offers, put forward on the Marsh area - delivery of the received mandates by system opposition. However, despite various reaction of parties, anybody from deputies voluntary has not refused the power.

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