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6. Too fair visitor from the past

again come back on political arena after several years of absence the leader the Apple Grigory Javlinsky in a short space of time has had time to visit on set of meetings - as obshchegrazhdanskih, and actually apple . Him respect as the person and the economist, its political statements are moderate and differ realness so it is quite possible to imagine such peregovorshchika.
I divide opposition views, but it would be desirable to be hooked for someone and for someone to go. For me, basically, G.Javlinsky was such person always. For a long time we are familiar with it a little. I always sympathised with it, and he for me in spite of the fact that it is not deprived lacks, remains person, quite worthy to carry on negotiations - caricaturist Andrey Bilzho considers.
It makes impression of the person fair, out of any corruption. Another matter that, unfortunately, it too uncompromising, too timid because was afraid to compromise with any image of. Also it is its lack because the politician should be flexible - the artist has added.
the director of the Center of political technologies Igor Bunin has noticed that come on the Marsh area and on the prospectus of Saharova on 30 % consisted of voters the Apple . JAblochniki have managed to mobilise the most part of the supporters. Despite it, Javlinsky there it is obvious in minority - I.Bunin has told.
however efficiency actions of the politician some experts call into question. I know G.Javlinsky many years, we know many years the Apple but I was tired of all politicians who are engaged in it as work within 20 years it is inefficient. These methods do not work, these declarations do not work, let`s to itself admit it - actor Leonid Yarmolnik in interview to the channel " has noticed; the Rain .
G.Javlinsky Twice participating in elections is this time pushed aside from participation in presidential race: among 2 million the signatures collected in its support, the Central Electoral Committee has found out more admissible of 5 % of marriage. The removed candidate names this decision especially political . According to the founder the Apple the power does not suppose to elections of all people which do not agree that occurs today in Russia, and would like for the country of other prospect.
the European changes through a convenient tribune
Telling about possible negotiations with the power, G.Javlinsky has declared in radio interview Freedom that now there are no negotiations, anybody with them (with opposition) is not going to exchange words, there are no still for this purpose bases .
He has noticed that to Russians peace, European changes " are necessary; And also has expressed hope of comprehensive support of as the leader, having noticed that if to receive the necessary tribune and to explain, in what our purposes, it is possible to get support both the left electorate, and right, and everyone of another .

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