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The general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has dared at resignation after corruption scandal

the Chief of main investigatory management GUMVD across Moscow general Ivan Gluhov who has been got mixed up in scandalous business by the subordinate, inspector Nelli Dmitrievoj, leaves service, writes Kommersant .
The day before general I. Gluhov has submitted the official report about holiday from which will not come to work any more. The official report has followed after the chief capital GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev on annual board of Central administrative board (GU) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across Moscow has rigidly scarified the zama, having offered that to make the corresponding decision .
the Edition notices that nobody doubts the Ministry of Internal Affairs that on termination of rest I.Gluhov will direct to the president of the Russian Federation and the official report about dismissal.
we will remind, I.Gluhov has received wide popularity after in October 2011. Its subordinate, the inspector on especially important has put Nelli Dmitriev, has been arrested on suspicion in extortion of a bribe at a rate of 3 million dollars For N.Dmitriev`s this money, under the version of the investigation, promised to close loud criminal case about contraband of tomographs.
she has explained the criminal prosecution by desire SKR and FSB to reach its chief Ivan Gluhov. In court she asserted that inspectors demanded from it indications that the part of money intended to I.Gluhov.
in September 2011. Three accomplices of extortion of a bribe have been detained, and the prospective intermediary - the former captain of militia Maxim Kagansky - has managed to disappear. As they say in materials of business, M.Kagansky, participating in bribe extortion, defied friendly relations with the former deputy chief of department of economic safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrey Horevym and the chief of capital GSU GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ivan Gluhov. Soon in mass-media there were pictures from celebrating 30 - letija M.Kagansky on which that is embodied in the company with generals A.Horevym and I.Gluhov.
after the detention in January 2012. M.Kazansky has in detail enough told about some aspects of the activity and, in particular, has noticed that many questions solved in GSU .
the Edition also marks, what exactly after that SK the Russian Federation has acted with a loud statement that to criminal group into which M.Kagansky entered, could assist both were, and operating high-ranking employees of law-enforcement bodies .