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In wreck a Fobos - the Ground have accused the Sun

the Interdepartmental commission led by the chairman scientifically - technical council of state corporation Rostehnologii Yury Koptevym, engaged in investigation of the reasons of wreck of automatic interplanetary station a Fobos - the Ground has sounded an incident plausible reason.
according to experts, station wreck could be the result influences on the space vehicle of plasma formation in magnitosfere the Earth informs radio the Beacon .
Experts have established that on November, 4th on the Sun there was a powerful flash of a class X, within the next 10 days solar activity was abnormal that could affect work of electronics of the companion. Wreck AMS a Fobos - the Ground it is possible to consider as tragical accident, believe in the commissions.
station start a Fobos - the Ground has been made in the night from 8 for November, 9th 2011. The Russian companion has fallen in 1,25 thousand in km from islands Vellington (Chile) in the evening on January, 15th 2012. As experts have established, the device could not orient correctly on the Sun. As a result a Fobos - the Ground remained in the circumterraneous orbit, all attempts to come into contact to the device have failed.
originally experts believed that refusal of the onboard computer complex became the reason of malfunctions, however later this version has been recognised by insolvent. Then experts considered versions of physical failure or short circuit in a power supply system a Fobos - the Ground . Besides, the version and external influence was not excluded: earlier affirmed that a Fobos - the Ground it could appear in an operative range of the American radar established on an atoll Kwajalein (Marshall Islands) which observed of a trajectory of movement of an asteroid.
In Russian Space Department ascertained that the obtained data of telemetry hardly will allow to establish the reason of state of emergency precisely. Experts also have carried out the documentation and reporting analysis. It is expected that preliminary results of work of the commission will be presented vitse - to prime minister Dmitry Rogozin on January, 30th 2012.
we Will notice that today zamglavy Russian Space Department Anatoly Shilov has informed journalists that the American experts have refused to promote the Russian space department in an establishment of the reasons of falling of the companion. The corresponding inquiry directed Russian Space Department to the USA earlier.