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In Bulgaria Stierlitz well-known film competitor

In Bulgaria has died the known actor of theatre and cinema Kosta Tsonev has died, informs the Bulgarian TV channel BTV. He was 81 year old.
on K.Tsoneva`s account - hundreds films, it perfectly consulted as with a role Don Zhuana, and Richard III. Now date and a place of ceremony of farewell and funeral is specified.
the prime minister - the minister of Bulgaria of Bojko Boriss has presented condolences to the family of the actor in connection with death of Kosta Tsoneva.
K.Tsonev has played in nearby 200 films. To the Soviet and Russian spectators it is known on a role of scout Emilja Boeva from films the Mister anybody and There is nothing better bad weather and also on a role of Ettselja from a picture In search of the captain of the Grant . It is necessary to notice that the screen superscout played by the Bulgarian actor, on popularity competed to legendary Stierlitz.
Kosta Tsonev - the national actor of National Republic Bulgaria, the winner of the Dimitrovsky award, is awarded the order It is old planina the first degree. Also the award of the Union of the Bulgarian figures of cinema for the large contribution to motion picture arts development has been handed over it.
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