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SKR has discredited statements of mass-media for sensations in A.Politkovsky`s business

Investigatory committee has commented on messages of mass-media on ostensibly sensational details in observer business the New newspaper journalist Anna Politkovsky killed in Moscow on October, 7th 2006. In SKR have noticed that newspaper hearings are attempts to discredit a consequence and to create before forthcoming court the public opinion favourable to the accused.
earlier in mass-media there was an information that on a pistol from which have killed an observer, particles of DNA of the woman have been found out, and it contradicts the official data as if behind murder of the journalist there was a grouping of killers - men.
extending such information, protection already now tries to influence opinion of potential jurymen - have underlined in a press - service SKR. Nevertheless inspectors intend to check up the information that DNA, found out on a returnable spring of a pistol from which murder of the journalist is made, can belong to the woman.
such assumption has been made during examination. Carrying out of repeated examination which can confirm or deny this assumption is now appointed.
in SKR have paid attention that at search of the criminals guilty of murder of the journalist, inspectors leant not against the given examinations of DNA. Search and an establishment of the persons involved in murder of the known journalist including the killer, it was spent in all directions.
inspectors have all proofs confirming fault of arrested persons. this complex of proofs gives the grounds to a consequence even without DNA - a material to do conclusions about participation in a crime of a certain circle of persons. As the pistol history from which murder has been made, is established by a consequence with 2004. In this time it was at different people before has come into the hands of the killer. And, naturally, DNA - the material could belong to any of those persons which concerned this weapon or at the moment of assemblage - dismantlings stood nearby and, for example, have sneezed - have noted in committee.
murder of the journalist has been made nearby 16:00 Moscow time on October, 7th 2006., when A.Politkovsky, having parked the car near the house in Wood street, has entered into the lift to rise in the apartment. In the journalist it has been made five shots. After that the killer left an entrance and, sowing in its expecting car VAZ - 21043 at metro station New Slobodsky together with accomplices of a crime has disappeared.
At the moment on suspicion in murder fulfilment are detained the Breakage - Ali Gajtukaev, its nephew Ibragim Mahmudov, the former employee of the Central regional government on struggle against the organised crime of Moscow Sergey Hadzhikurbanov.