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The authorities of Moscow have made a portrait of the typical guest worker

According to Department of work and employment of the population of Moscow, the majority of the migrants who have arrived to capital of Russia on earnings, are adult men at the age of 18 - 29 years. Thus in labour structure the considerable disbalance which can provoke conflicts is observed: the share of men from all foreign workers makes 81 %.
Thus 37,5 % of foreign workers are men at the age of 18 - 29 years. On the second place in it a rating - men at the age of 30 - 39 years, their relative density in total number of guest workers makes 30 %.
Thus the capital labour market feels huge requirements for cheap labour, especially in branches with not prestigious niches . First of all foreigners will be involved in building (36,4 %).
the branch Second for popularity is wholesale both retail trade and repair of vehicles (in 2010. Here 24,2 % of guest workers) worked. The third position the activity connected with operations with real estate, rent and granting of services (occupies 12 % in 2008., 21,3 % in 2009., 21,1 % in 2010.) .
the Researches spent earlier, testify that frequently guest workers have no higher education. Besides, not all visitors know Russian, in this connection initiatives repeatedly sounded to oblige migrants to pass examinations and to pass original interviews.
today about the work the service of police officers has reported also. According to the Moscow police officers, in 2012. From Russia can turn out not less than 3,5 thousand the foreigners who have broken the migratory legislation. Such forecast the chief of department of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers (FSSP) across Moscow has resulted to journalists Ferdauis Jusupov. He has noticed that in the forecast leans against approximately similar figures for 2011. According to F.Jusupova, now in spetspriemnikah are about 80 foreigners who are subject to exclusion.