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V.Putin: Illegal migrants need to close entrance to the Russian Federation for 10 years

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has suggested to close entrance to Russia for infringers of the migratory legislation and the migrants who have been turned out on a judgement, on 5 - 10 years or even for longer period. The candidate for presidents has declared it, acting on annual board FMS of Russia.
the head of the government has declared necessity to enter a criminal liability for fictitious registration of migrants for proprietors rubber apartments . Head FMS of Russia Konstantin Romodanovsky in the answer has suggested to strengthen responsibility under item 322 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the organisation of illegal migration) till 5 years of imprisonment.
V.Putin also has charged FMS to be prepared for transition to a visa-free regime with the European Union and to eliminate problems at electronic to delivery of passports. Besides, the migratory service should make more effective the program of resettlement of Russians from - for a boundary.
the offer on creation in Russia of the centres domigratsionnoj preparations with support of the Russian employers became One more initiative of the prime minister. Migrants will pass vocational training, studying of Russian, country organic laws, and also cultural norms and traditions of the people of the Russian Federation in these centres.
we will remind, on January, 23rd the prime minister has published in to the Independent newspaper article devoted to an ethnic question in the Russian Federation. V.Putin considers that the one who comes to regions with other cultural, historical traditions, should concern yours faithfully local customs .
the Candidate for presidents of the Russian Federation believes that another - the inadequate, aggressive, causing, disrespectful behaviour - should meet everyone corresponding lawful, but the rigid answer, first of all from authorities.
ideas of construction of Russian national the monoethnic state, considers Century Putin, contradict all thousand-year history of the country . It is the shortest way to destruction of Russian people and Russian statehood - he has underlined.
when start to shout: Will suffice to feed caucasus the appeal tomorrow will inevitably follow: Will suffice to feed Siberia, the Far East, Ural Mountains, the Volga region, Moscow suburbs... under such recipes those who has led to disintegration Soviet Union " operated; - the prime minister has noticed.
V.Putin has concerned problems of migrants and in the performance at a forum of the people of the South of Russia. He, in particular, has spoken against creation of monoethnic quarters - a ghetto - in the Russian cities.