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The prime minister: From - for migrants Russians are afraid to leave the house on holidays

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has informed that in some big cities people from - for problems with migrants try not to leave the house on holidays. The head of the government has declared it on January, 26th at session of board of Federal migratory service of the Russian Federation, having referred to supervision of the friends and acquaintances.
these are serious things, it that, on what we should pay attention and in appropriate way to react - V.Putin has underlined. The prime minister has noticed that, according to FMS, in territory of the country is an order of 9,2 million foreigners, thus from them about 4 million persons though have risen on the migratory account, but work illegally.
it is good, if work, and after all there are also other ways to earn money! There is no necessity to explain, what this field for abusings, corruption, infringement of the rights of the people organised and household criminality how much it deforms our labour market, lays down loading on social and other infrastructure, creates soil for interethnic and other excesses and conflicts - V.Putin has told.
thus he has noticed that Russia is not going to be closed from somebody, to be fenced off . As the prime minister has declared, now national economy grows, market capacity of work increases, and without attraction of a manpower from - for borders, unfortunately, to economy not to manage .
Therefore the Russian Federation has seriously simplified an order of delivery of work permits for the foreign experts of high level necessary for the Russian economy. But since July 2010. Till today it is issued all 14,5 thousand such permissions. In the general stream it is a drop in the sea, but it just those people who are necessary to us - the head of the government considers.
V.Putin also considers necessary to liquidate the market rubber apartments where on several square metres register on one hundred people. He is assured that it is necessary to strengthen accents in favour of qualification of a manpower, labour migrants, their cultural, behavioural compatibility . According to the prime minister, Russia should not be the country where everybody can drive, somehow and when necessary .
for the decision of migratory problems co-ordinated work FMS, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, regions and representatives of business is required to the State accurately to understand, how many people and what trades are required in this or that subject of the Russian Federation, the head of the government is convinced. V.Putin has expressed opinion that it is necessary to involve foreign labour on those positions on which it is difficult to type citizens of the Russian Federation.
it is essentially important to avoid occurrence of the closed ethnic enclaves. Considering the international experience, it, certainly, the deadlock way fraught with many risks and costs both for visitors, and for local citizens - the prime minister has declared.
we perfectly understand that, for example, here, in Moscow, in Peter, in other big cities the infrastructure often is not ready for reception of a considerable quantity of visitors: there is no enough either transport routes, or polyclinics, hospitals. It is necessary to mean all it not to put neither visitors of people in a difficult situation, nor local residents - V.Putin considers.